Exhibition Designs


'Postnaturalism' Editing the human image.

Artist statement.

The current climate of social restrictions dictates when and where we can be seen in person, will this be the make or break of the social media filtering fad that has dictated the lives of the self conscious and popular crowd of  modern society. Beauty salons, hairdressers and barbers are out of reach therefore virtually filtering ones image may become more prevalent to hide our imperfections. What if people didn’t have these filtered persona options? How would humans cope with their unfiltered physical forms ? How can we keep hold of this mirage of perfection? We all love to look beautiful and unique, using physical or virtual alterations, can we bring the online filters to life. This exhibition looks into the future of facial adornments. For beauty and political protest.


The theatrical design of these facial adornments, represents the digital and physical enhancements. The lorgnette eyes are inspired by the doe-eyed filters, the lips are inspired by the lip fillers. In a dystopian vision of the future if apps no longer existed would people resort to jewellery for their vanity fix.

Exhibition jewellery design 'magnification'


The opinion on the female body has played a part in the ritual of censoring the female figure because it has been sexualised or demonised. The female nipple is censored on social media however the male nipple is not. Throughout history, rules and restrictions have been placed on our body and mind, breaking these rules we become heathens, witches or whores. The mouthpiece is censored lips, this design is a political protest piece of the silence of the voice from marginalised groups. The eyepiece is a censored breast plate, the piece covers the eye to censor the wearer's sight instead of the body.

Exhibition jewellery design 'censored'

'Beauty Expired'

When humans master cybernetics, it will either be used to stave off the aging process or enhance our physical attributes. My concept for this piece is over time these artificial prosthetics may deteriorate or corrode. Imagine these physical features rusting or gaining a patina over time. Upgrading the body would be an ongoing battle like constant upgrades of phones, some models and parts would become obsolete like our identities.


Exhibition jewellery design 'beauty expired'
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